Racking & Cabinetry

Our kit racks and cabinets can stand alone or be combined to create a complex wine cellar. All of our kit racking is built to the highest quality standards, whether it is our Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut, Pine, California Redwood Kit Racks or our metal and acrylic racking systems. This allows us to deliver superior products at competitive prices which are all backed by our unconditional guarantee.








vigilant stateEstate Height Kit Racks The industry’s finest kit wine racks in 92.5” Height are made of top grade mahogany or clear northern white pine and are available with both stain and lacquer finishes with the widest selection. All can be seamlessly mixed and matched with our line of stackable wine kit cabinetry.

vigilant classicClassic Height Kit Racks The industry’s finest kit wine racks in 77.5” Height are made of top grade mahogany or clear northern white pine and are available with both stain and lacquer finishes with the widest selection. All can be seamlessly mixed and matched with our line of stackable wine kit cabinetry.

vigilant halfHalf Height Kit Racks The industry’s finest kit wine racks in 37.5” to 52.5” Heights are made of top grade mahogany or clear northern white pine and are available with both stain and lacquer finishes with the widest selection. Available in base or top sections, they are the most versatile kit racks on the market today. All can be seamlessly mixed and matched with our line of stackable wine kit cabinetry.

vigilant modularModular Cabinetry Add flair and functionality to your home wine cellar in three easy steps with our wine cabinet kits. These mahogany wine storage cabinets are pre-designed and built to integrate beautifully with all Vigilant kit and custom wine racks. They may also stand alone inside or outside of a wine room, wine cellar or be used in a wine tasting area – the possibilities are endless.

vigilant cubesWine Cubes Welcome to the world of wine wave™ cubes. Unlike any other product out there today, these wood storage cubes allow you to achieve maximum flexibility when storing your collection of fine wine. Perfect for your wine cellar or wine room, or for storage in your living room, study, or dining area.

Genuwine Cellars

Kit RackKit Rack Kit Rack incorporates the latest design specifications and quality standards usually, only found in high-end wine cellars. This beautifully finished, premium hardwood racking is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications. The ready-to-assemble, premium grade mahogany racking modules, mounting brackets and hardware allow you to configure and install your own wine storage system, confidently and economically. Kit Rack module dimensions are compatible with the most commonly used racking dimensions so you can even expand an existing wine cellar’s capacity without compromising either appearance or proportions.

Elite Kit Rack Featuring all the advantages of the Kit Rack Collection but with the features of a Custom Wine Cellar, Elite Kit Rack is the highest level in modular component wine racking found anywhere in today’s market!

Elite Kit RackThe quality and craftsmanship of Elite Kit Rack is second to none! Unlike other modular wine racking systems, Elite features a full, seamless 7’ height, eliminating the need to stack modules to gain vertical storage in your cellar. This, along with a full 13 ½” bottle depth on all racking, and the seamless integration of 500mL, 750mL and 1L bottle racking into the design, will truly give you the custom look you’re looking for.

The beautiful top quality furniture grade finish comes with three different choices of wood – Cambera Mahagony, Clear Cherry & All-Heart Redwood ; angle-cut blocks – a finishing detail traditionally only found in custom cellars; and two choices of crown and base sets – including one that comes with new above-rack case storage, made possible only by the structural stability of Elite.

Collector EditionCollector’s Edition Racking Bridging the gap between custom designed wine cellars and ready-to-assemble racking modules! Hand crafted for you in Mahogany, Cherry, Walnut or Redwood; Collector’s Edition offers racking for every bottle size, display arches, shelves, corner units and a beautiful tasting table; creating the look and function of cellars costing tens of thousands of dollars more. Designed with detailed 3D blueprints, Collector’s Edition has a rapid turn-around time and even faster installation times making it a superior choice.

Sommelier Select Racking Members of Sommeliers Guild’s are regarded as the pinnacle of wine professionals. The Sommelier Select series embodies that level of expertise, reflected in an uncompromising standard of furniture grade wine cellars. These peerless wine vaults offer an outstanding array of unique wood choices and custom finishes.

Sommelier Select RackingArtistic detail is evident in the 13″ deep racking and structural uprights, superbly crafted, with LED lighting valences and louvered grill. These are just a few of the internationally renowned quality enhancements available in the Sommelier Select library of dramatic features and finishing touches. Coupled with optimum bottle storage capacity for both numbers of bottles and types of bottles, your Sommelier Select cellar will showcase your wine collection in a unique, functional and awe-inspiring environment.

Sommelier Select offers you an uncompromising standard in a furniture grade, custom wine cellar.

Architectural Series Racking To provide an enhanced level of service to architects, designers, contractors and builders, as well as assist them with their wine cellar design and pre-design queries, we are pleased to offer the Architectural Series.

architecturalIntegrated with a total turn-key factory support program, each Architectural Series pushes the design envelope to new parameters of technological innovation, creativity and complexity. Unlimited possibilities become reality as expert members of our design and production teams collaborate with you in designing, manufacturing and installing your spectacular, one-of-a-kind wine cellar.

Total turn-key factory support includes concept design, 3 dimension modelling, renderings and an optional computer-generated virtual tour where you can experience and examine every part of your masterpiece. Creative applications of fundamental cellaring principals are translated into precise specifications, plans and blue prints for framing, electrical, vapour barriers, R values, protective doors, lighting fixtures and more. Our factory installation and project management serve as the final complement to the enhanced level of service that accompanies the Architectural Series.

Vintage View Racking

Vintage CellarVintage View is the next generation in wine racks. Wine Rack doesn’t quite sum up what Vintage View is so we call them Storage and Display Systems, because they don’t just store your wine like traditional racking, they display your wines too, with the labels facing toward you and your guests. No more hunting and pecking for the perfect wine. They are all lined up for you and ready to be admired and enjoyed. They are systems because they can house any size collection in any size space, and are uniform in their aging properties, allowing for proper airflows and densities to be the cornerstone of any wine cellar or space. Available in 32” and 48” heights with varying bottle depths, finishes and styles, Vintage View is one of the most versatile systems on the market.

VintageView is an attention grabber wherever they are, make your walls and wines come alive!

One Bottle DepthTwo Bottle DepthThree Bottle Depth
Vintage One Vintage Two Vintage Three

Red Rack

Luxurios style with a handcrafted look that rivals fine custom racking. Add warmth to your décor with our modular All Heart California Redwood Red Rack.

Red Racks may be stacked on top of one another or placed side by side. Available in 32” and 48” heights and 16”, 24” and 32” widths allows for endless configurations for any room size. RedRack sits 2.75” away from the wall for a total of 9” racking depth.

Red Rack

RTA Racking

RTA RackingThe RTA range of wood & metal wine rack kits combine the natural beauty of wood with the strength of steel. Recognised the World over as the Professional Wine Storage Solution! Expandable for any room size using RTA’s Patented Joining System.

Bordex Wine Racks

Bordex Wine RacksOur commercial wine racks are the most space saving units in the world and our unique residential modular racks are available in a range of kit sizes and can also be custom made to any size or to fit furniture pieces such as cabinets.

Made from quality hardwood plantation timber and baked enamel steel, every Bordex wine rack is manufactured to the highest standard.

EuroCave Systems

The World leader in wine fridge cabinets carries their same expertise forward in wine cellar storage systems. Discover all four of their high quality and diverse lines for your wine storage needs.

ModulothequeModulotheque Modulothèque is an exclusive modular storage concept in solid oak.

The parts making up Modulothèque are almost “tailor-made” as they adapt to the specific layout requirements of the room (sloped ceilings, corner of a room…). The layout possibilities are endless!

Modulothèque is in 20 mm oak, a strong, noble wood which gives it a traditional, inimitable feel.

A unique product, Modulothèque offers the best capacity for floor space on the market: 1000 bottles stored on a width of 1.80 m at ground level.

The Modulothèque has several types of shelves, suited to different bottle shapes. A wide choice of equipment allows you to arrange your bottles as you wish and create a functional, customized piece of furniture.

ModulorackModulorack Modulorack is a unique system for storing your wine bottles directly in their original cases. Owing to its exclusive sliding shelf system, all your cases can be accessed with ease.

Designed to hold two cases of 12 bottles, Modulorack is secured to the wall and the floor. Several Moduloracks can in this way be joined together to increase your storage capacity, whilst at the same time guaranteeing complete stability when handling bottles.

Based on the principle of sliding shelves, found in wine cabinets, Modulorack has an exclusive sliding shelf system, to store wine cases.

ModuloCubeModuloCube Modulocube is a folding rack in beech, supplied as a kit, which allows you to store your bottles with ease. From one module of this functional system, you can therefore create the storage space that you need.

Modulocube has been specially designed to store all types of bottles (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne): no more torn labels! No more poorly arranged bottles! Stack your bottles to optimize capacity in storage version, or opt for individual storage by rack in the shelf version, for easier access to all of your fine wines.

Completely modular, Modulocube allows you to increase your storage capacity by assembling different modules and changing layouts according to your needs.

Modulosteel Modulosteel EuroCave is adding to its range of storage systems with Modulosteel: easy to assemble modules which can be attached to each other in an infinite number of ways. A new product with clean, modern lines for a decidedly contemporary feel.

Customisable, Modulosteel can be assembled in an infinite number of ways with its modules, which attach to each other. It can also be adjusted to half its height for vaulted cellars or low ceilings!

The structure was designed to be easy to assemble. Three fastening systems ensure complete stability.

A choice of finishes to optimize your storage area and give it a more homely feel.

  • A storage system that adapts to your requirements
  • Bottles are securely held, thanks to the Main du Sommelier supports
  • A structure in strong, stable steel for maximum safety