Doors and Windows

Handcrafted of the finest pattern wood species of your choice, Capital Cellars’ wine cellar doors provide a stunning grand entrance to your wine cellar. All are a full 1 ¾” thick and feature solid jambs, casings, threshold, and vapour tight weather stripping. Available to you in a wide variety of standard styles, or we can create a custom look in any style and wood species.

Capital Cellars

Custom designed and built in our workshop following the same exact standards and custom elements as in all of our custom wine cellars. We work with Glass, Lexan/Plexi-Glass, Vinyl and Wood.

Genuwine Grand Entrance

Grand Entrance™ vault doors have been specially designed and developed to help provide absolute climate control in every cellar. Only solid, premium grade materials, precision-cut to combat warping and twisting caused by inside-to-outside-vault humidity and temperature variances are used in Grand Entrance™s’ proprietary production process. Multi-layered, high performance compression seals are incorporated into the design, providing a strong thermal barrier to leakage and helping to extend the life of the humidity and cooling units. Where windows in cellar doors are specified, specially constructed window frames holster insulated glaze units which are further protected by the pressure application of thermal gaskets. All Grand Entrance™ cellar doors are mounted on ball bearing hinges and integrated into precision-manufactured door frames, thresholds and casings to ensure the thermal barrier of the vault door unit maintains the same high insulation and humidity containment as the rest of your Wine Cellar.

In addition to structural integrity and exciting aesthetics Grand Entrance™ cellar doors offer a number of optional advanced security features. Finger print locks, electronic surveillance and controlled access to the number of people entering your cellar all help ensure your investment in your wine cellar.


Vigilant Mahogany Wine Cellar Doors provide a stunning entrance to your wine cellar. These doors are a full 1 3/4″ thick and can come with the hardware of your choice, in solid mahogany jambs. All of our wine cellar doors are built using Mahogany and feature double-insulated glass panels, exterior-grade weather stripping, and a tight seal against outside elements. These wine cellar doors are easily customizable with many options including new hand-forged wrought iron gates.

Classic Series
Vigilant’s wine cellar windows are designed to accent your Vigilant wine cellar door. Just like our doors, windows can be finished with our standard finish options or custom finishes, and just like our doors, wine cellar windows are built with the same high quality materials and unmatched craftsmanship.

Madawaska Doors

Madawaska Doors are built from 100% solid wood using traditional craftsmanship. Stile and Rail construction with mortise and tenon joinery and full thickness raised panels all combine to produce the strength, durability and beauty to compliment any design. If only the best will do, Madawaska Doors is your only option.
All Madawaska Doors are available in the thickness you prefer. Choose from:
  • 1-3/8″ (35mm)
  • 1-3/4″ (45mm)
  • 2″ (51mm)
  • 2-1/4″ (57mm)
Ripping and cross grain gluing adds strength and prevents warping and cupping.
Available in any wood and any style, you are limited only by your own imagination.

Vinotheque Doors

We offer a unique range of beautifully crafted wine cellar doors. Our door collections establish a customized entrance to your wine cellar that harmonize both with your home and the essence of your wine collection inside. Our range of wine cellar door collections provides an exciting complement of exclusive, elegant styles. Each door style can be customized, enabling just the right presentation for the design and decor inside your home.
Our doors are specifically engineered for wine cellar installations, ensuring that the cool air stays where it belongs… Inside your wine cellar.


Evolution Doors and Windows

Create the most stunning entrance for your wine cellar with a beautifully crafted Evolution wooden wine cellar door or window.